Test Applications Using A Time Travel Software

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Many of today’s leading companies in various sectors are using the time travel software for their application testing needs. It offers several benefits and that is why more and more organizations are recognizing its importance. Among the advantages include efficient testing reactive extensions, faster application roll outs and system migration, reduced risks for application failure, boosts testing team’s productivity, the only solution allowed in secured environments such as the Active Directory and Kerberos, cuts hardware and software expenses.

As mentioned earlier, the time travel software is being used in different industries. These include the banking, energy, and telecom sectors. Insurance, life sciences, and transporta0tion industries are also making the most out of this software. Even the government has recognized the importance of application testing and the significance of using this kind of software.

You might be wondering if the time travel software works well with other technologies. Absolutely yes. The software is compatible with various operating systems like windows, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux, APE, and AIX when testing reactive extensions. It is supports virtualization such as VMware, LPARs, Zones, and Hyper-V as well as run time environments like .Net, Web Sphere, Citirx, and Web Logic. It also supports databases such as Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL, Sybase as well as applications including CRM, ERP,SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Tibco, and Siebel.

Meanwhile, several SAP customers found this tool as extremely beneficial. A lot of them has been using this kind of software for years because it helps them with easier and faster deployments, which provided them with time and cost savings. They were able to effectively test all of the changes they made either pre or post production within their SAP system. They were also able to use the virtual clocks to offer condense time-based training to their end users. The software has provided the user a way to implement the changes to various SAP modules in a timely manner by hastening the usually lengthy test-fix-cycle needed in the deployment of SAP. The software allows testers to condense test cycles to get a boost in ROI.

Users of this software can also enjoy a timely and under budget completion when testing and validating their date and time logic within their migrated and new environments. Users are allowed to run any module at any date required by using the software. Because of this function, the testing group can run specific processes on a set date simultaneously while other applications run real time. This software can also help businesses cut their testing time from one month down to a week, which means better productivity and huge cost savings.

Keep in mind that the software is user driven and if set at any time in the past or future, it will not affect the system time when testing reactive extensions. It is also convenient to use in Active Directory and programs can be excluded so that if the virtual clock is set at a future date, there would be no risk of license expiration. Users do not need to worry about time stamps on their files, system logging, and so on, because the system clock and not the virtual clock will be used for that purpose.